Globalization and Terrorism

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Topic: International Terrorism Is a Product of Globalization Course: Academic Reading & Writing II
Instructor: George Rueckert
Written by: Vakhobov Rustamjon; ID: 20111496

Almaty 2012
International Terrorism Is a Product of Globalization
Thesis Statement: Globalization has been mostly a positive phenomenon in past decades, but since 9/11 it has been the major factor in the expansion of international terrorism. I. Globalization is a complex process of global integrations in different aspects of life. A. Globalization is a new phase in global history

B. The burden of globalization has increased to the world 1. The first phase of globalization is transition of civilizations from nomadic to agrarian and commercial. 2. The second phase of globalization covers the Western colonization 3. The third phase is the phase of technology and internet. C. “Globalization is Americanization and its human face is Michael Jordan.” D. The United States is a unipolar superpower.

1. Globalization has caused instability in the United States 2. The separation of power will help overcome the problem of terrorism II. International terrorism is the product of globalization A. The relationship between globalization and terrorism exists. B. International terrorism develops in parallel with the globalization of technology and the internet. 1. The World Wide Web (www) is compared to the development of Al-Qaeda. 2. Al-Qaeda is the most dangerous terrorist organization. C. “The Migration of Dreams and Nightmares” is written by Jamal Nassar. 1. Terrorist organizations around the globe benefit from globalization. 2. Money laundering, drug trafficking and weapon trading are easier for terrorists when there are weaker boundaries between states. 3. The fundamentalism and extremism of Islamist terrorism expanded with the help of networking and brainwashing. 4. Third World Countries are the main camps for terrorist organizations. III. Western developed countries are the main targets for Islamist terrorists A. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 on World Trade Center had a political significance for terrorists. B. London, Madrid and Bali are other targets of terrorists.

“Terrorism is a global menace. It calls for united, global response. To defeat it, all nations must take counsel together, and act in unison. That is why we have the United Nations.” Kofi Annan, September 2001

There is no single definition for globalization because it has a very broad meaning and aspects. Some define globalizations as an integration of nations in business, culture and politics without boundaries. “Globalization is real, and we must take it seriously, but it is not easy to understand because of its complexity. Globalization is not one single thing; it is a collection of things, some tightly intertwined, some loosely connected” (Vesseth 2). It is impossible to define, but surprisingly people know it when they see it. However, the theory of globalization is a complex issue to understand; it can be analyzed if we observe it closely.

The interview conducted with Nargiz Kassenova the political science professor at Kimep University located at Almaty, Kazakhstan. She defines globalization as “Globalization is a complex process. I can give a whole list of positive, negative effects. About positive ones, well, there are more connections among people; they can connect more, information exchange. The most serious negative one is Terrorism. Yeah, crime became globalized, so basically everything is globalizing”.

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