Globalization and Managing Work Organizations in Sri Lanka

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Globalization and Managing Work Organizations in Sri Lanka
Today the world has become a one village under the same roof breaking out cultural geographical & socio economical boundaries & limitations within past few decades. With that occurrence all people around the world has been integrated with each other regardless their races colours & cultural aspects. What’s this revolution? It’s an unprecedented experience that people all around the world enjoy. It’s the globalization. What does it really mean? The simple definition is integration of economies & societies all over the world. Some might argue in optimistic perspective .Another might do the same in pessimistic way. But as far as single country or nation is concerned there are much more issues & effects of globalization that have to be taken into account. However what need to be concerned is to filter up the positive aspects in this process as there is a negative aspect as well that might coincide at the same time. Globalization is an integration of the countries of the world in order to develop the global economy. Two types of such integration are obvious. They are negative & positive integration. Under the negative integration it discusses about the loss of trade or protective business. But sometimes it might be beneficial for a country as it allows to import essential & important products to the country. Positive integration means standardizing international economic laws & policies. That means having similar policies between two or more countries in case of business. The globalization has created so many effects & aspects. The major effect among them is improvement of international trade. There may be dramatically improvement in both import & export as trade barriers & limitation are not strict too much in globalized context. When international trade improves there is a technological progress as well since government try to enhance the level of technology. Greater mobility of human recourses across the countries is another major effect of globalization. Nowadays such labor exporting is much obvious. A country that has a shortage of manpower might export labour from another country to fulfill the vacancies. But there is another bad aspect as well to be concerned. That’s threat aimed by those immigrated labors towards native ones. The influence of multinational companies is too another effect of globalization. The history of srilankan globalization claims nearly three decades as it became as a new phenomena with the start of the liberalized open economy in early 1970’s.Ever since the commencement the open economic policy the process of globalization has been making the significant influence in each & every sector of the economy in srilanka. With the liberalization economy in 1977, srilanka entered into the arena of globalization & thus, she has 33 years in this process. In the first phase of liberalization that means in 1977 to 1982 the country achieved internal balance in terms of high economic growth & low unemployment. In the second phase 1983 to 1994 internal imbalances such as low growth rate, high unemployment rate, high inflation with a external imbalance of large current account deficit were suffered. They remain constant but higher than the second phase & aggravated social economic problems during the third phase of 1994 to date. Fiscal profligacy continue unabated, allegation of waste & corruption were galore. Privatization of government services & industries is another clear cut evidence during this period. So far we discuss about the what is the globalization & history of srilankan globalization. How globalization affect managing work organization is the key topic that we are to clarify about .By now srilankan economy is heavily globalised. This has spreaded out to each & every sectors in its economy such as industrial, telecommunication, banking, insurance & education...
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