Globalization and Education

Topics: Learning, Education, Skill Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: April 4, 2013
1. Identify the characteristics of globalization that can be linked to education. The characteristics of globalization that can be linked to education is that it will shape our cognitive skills, interpersonal sensibilities and cultural sophistication and will be responsive to larger transnational processes. Also, Globalization changes the ways we experience national identities and cultural belonging and with globalization’s increasing complexity necessitates a new paradigm for learning and teaching.

2. How do socio-cultural, environmental, geographical, economic, political, and equity issues affect globalization? Due to these following factors, it affects globalization in the sense that people think differently on how they interact with other people and how they treat their environment. Through this factors, we produce greater pluralism of languages and, dialects and cultural practices.And by learning to live together we must develop an understanding of other people and an appreciation of interdependence in a spirit of respect for values of pluralism, mutual understanding and peace.

3. Discuss and explain globalization and education from the perspective of conflict and consensus theorists. From the perspective of conflict and consensus theorist, globalization and education will require youth to develop new skills that are far ahead of what most educational systems can now deliver. And education will need both rethinking and restructuring if schooling is to best prepare the children and youth of the world to engage globalization’s new challenges, opportunities and costs.

4. Will information and communication technology make a difference in the teaching-learning process? How? Yes it makes a difference. With the information and communication technology, the gathering of information is already fast that we can search to various engines providing factual datas but some are not in our search for knowledge. Also, with the Information and communication...
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