Globalization and Cultures

Topics: Western world, Globalization, Culture Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: March 24, 2013
1. Globalization definition
The globalization is the process of internationalization arising from the awareness that the world is becoming smaller and sources have to be exchanged in an efficiency way, the modernization which major boost was the internet, and so far all the technology and innovations that have resulted from it, and hence, the growing worldwide interconnections between cultures and societies. 2. 3 paradigms

A. Clash of civilizations
* Definition
* A theory developed by the sociologist Samuel Huntington who foresees a cultural division of the world winto 7 civilizational systems based on religions. These latters leads to the breakdown of the western civilization and therefore, modernization without western hegemonism. * Theories about the nature of global politics in the post-Cold War period.  * The primary axis of conflict in the future will be along cultural and religious lines (most of conflicts are between Muslim and Western nations). * Divided civilizations

* Western civilization
* Latin American
* The Orthodox world of the former Soviet Union. * The Eastern world is the mix of the Buddhist, Chinese, Hindu, and Japonic civilizations. * The Muslim world 
* The civilization of Sub-Saharan Africa
* Also others
* Examples
* Russia and India favor either side. Russia, for example, clashes with the many Muslim ethnic groups on its southern border (such as Chechnya) * But cooperates with Iran to avoid further Muslim-Orthodox violence in Southern Russia, and to help continue the flow of oil. * China cooperates more closely with Iran, Pakistan, and other states to augment its international position. * By 1890, the Great Plains (settlers from European nations) killed most of buffalo due to their expansion and the Native American (Plains Indian) lived on the huge herds of buffalo. It...
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