Topics: Globalization, The World Is Flat, United Nations Pages: 6 (1807 words) Published: April 18, 2014
Chris Scheefer
LAS Capstone – Global Perspective
The dark side of Globalization – A new age of Global Terrorism The interdependence and interconnectedness of the new world is upon us. This new era Globalization has brought about many new frontiers and new opportunities; but this interconnectedness has a dark side. The world is now a mouse click away, with a global exchange of ideas and up to the minute news from anywhere on the planet. However beneficial, all of these sweeping changes in the technology have also opened the door for extremists, fundamentalists, and nationalist intent on unspeakable acts of violence. Gus Martin’s essay, “Globalization and International Terror” describes how Globalization has created a cultural backlash as a new global identity is rejected, the new profile and operating model for the new global terrorist, and how we may need to evolve and change our security policies and procedures to combat this new global threat. Martin begins by discussing how globalization has brought about more than economic changes but has also changed the cultural identities of every country in the world and that these identities have expanded beyond local and nationalism; now inclusive of a global identity that many reject. These new challenges to identity have created transnational “fault-lines” as predicted by Samuel Huntington in his article “The Clash of Civilization”. In addition Benjamin Barber in his essay, “Jihad vs McWorld”, also predicts that “retribalization of humankind by war and bloodshed” will be brought about by Globalization as these small countries and tribes will driven by parochial hatreds and battle against the homogenization of their cultures. It is this clash of culture and the rejection of this new global identity that has caused the growth in terrorism by fundamentalists and nationalists in the globalized world. The new ideologies of globalization, such as gender equality and freedom of speech”, represent a threat to these religious fundamentalists. Within Robertson and White’s essay “What is Globalization”, they state that gender biases and patriachical societies have now been forced to change as women are educated in massive numbers. Many long held ideals and beliefs will be brought into question as the globalization carries with it both idealism and individualism which are both in conflict with many collectivistic cultures and fundamentalists. Robertson and White describe the poly-ethnicity of globalization being self-limiting since it can homogenize the very cultures and values we cherish. This clash of values and ideologies creates and fuels the new global terrorists, as religious clerics and leaders build upon nationalistic and religious pride to recruit and retain followers. Kant in his essay, “Universal History from a Cosmopolitan view”, might see this strife as both inevitable and as progress to the ultimate universal society. Though I agree that there will be strife and wars, these new breed of global terrorists seem only to bring about large scale death and destruction, not the betterment of society or mankind. I wonder how Kant would view the nation-less fundamentalists who kills women and children in order to make the evening news as evolutionary in the progression of humanity. It is clear that the new global terrorists are a potential by-product of globalization as the intrusiveness of global idealisms has created friction in many religious and fundamentalist countries. The perception that globalization benefits wealthy nations and leaves the 3rd world countries behind is also part of the cultural clash. Many fundamentalist terror groups see these products and services as pushing Western idealism and therefore contrary to their own beliefs. This lack of benefit is found in Robert Paarlberg’s essay “The Global Food Fight”, which discusses the many benefits that genetically manipulated seeds and...
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