Topics: Globalization, Capitalism, Third World Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: December 2, 2013

Globalization is a general term but to simply define it, it could be said that globalization is the ever-evolving congregation of ideas from all nations that is driving the world as a whole to a more advanced era. William I. Robinson and Amartya Sen are both very opinionated on why we should reconsider the effects of globalization. Robinson believes that only a small portion of our world truly reaps the benefits of globalization and it puts constrains on many other countries. On the contrary, Sen believes everyone reaps the benefits of globalization. As well as the fact that globalization isn’t entirely a western influence. William I. Robinson views globalization as a burden rather than a gift from the West. He states, “Capitalist globalization denotes a world war.” Robinson believes that this war is between the rich minority and the poor majority, and claims it has already caused hundreds of millions of casualties. Robinson also argues that because of global capitalism “…every nook and cranny of social life, is becoming commoditized. ” Because of this, what is left of the people’s democratic control is eroding. This global structure of economy is therefore eliminating the states power to intervene, which is causing cultures to become based on “competitive individualism”. It is the author’s understanding that globalization should be directly linked to a widening economic gap between the rich and the poor. While two - thirds of the world’s fixed assets are owned by just 400 transnational operations, it is likely that this tremendous amount of economic power transcends into a high concentration of political power and therefore jeopardizes the true nature of democracy. Robinson speaks to the democratic limitations when he says, “as global capital concentrates, it disproportionately locks out women and racially a oppressed groups.”

Contrary to the aforementioned ideas that Robinson holds, in the article “How to Judge Globalism” Amartya Sen states that...
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