Topics: Culture, Globalization, Popular culture Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: November 5, 2013
Nowadays our country is in globalization era. Globalization is the process of transform of local or regional phenomena onto global or international phenomena. Globalization has various aspect which affect our country such as in Industry, economy, technology, socioculture and politic. Globalization is a challenge and issues that should be solved in an attempt harness globalization for benefit of life. In the development of globalization causes some problem in the field of our culture. We don’t lose the original culture we have. Our challenge that should we face as youth is how to overcome the negative effect of globalization. We should evaluate whether we have already loved our cultures. Mostly, Indonesian children and teenagers know the foreign songs well than Indonesian songs, they know better how to breakdance than how to jaipongan. As youth, we must be survive in this globalization era. We should take the positive effect of globalization and avoid the negative effect. For example we need to learn the high technology from developed country such as America in purpose to develop our country. in contrast, we must not take the bad attitudes from the other country such as free sex and the using of drugs. How to start to deal with this issue? We can start from our own selves. Who else would love our own culture if it is not us? We as Indonesian youth should be proud was born in Indonesia that known as the country with many cultures. This is our duty to keep it exist. Start from our selves, and then our friends, and our society. We should introduce our culture to our little friend, our brother in primary school and persuade them to love our original culture. I do believe if we can start to do this, our culture will not be stolen anymore, our culture will be popular in the world and influence the other culture. We should have an identity of Indonesia.
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