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Nichole Jordan
Prof. Wright
Eng 1010, Globalization Essay
When I look at my desk I really start to see how Globalization has effected my everyday life. If I traced all my desk item's travel history, I will have found that it may have taken over 6,000 miles for them to get to my perfect little workspace. One of these items not only has a frequent flyer miles it also serves as portal to any place I should desire to visit. With one push of a button my Mac book can put me face first in any country I want. The items I come in contact with everyday probably wouldn't be here if we didn't have Globalization. Just for a second lets say all the items created by Globalization vanished, do you think I would still feel the effects of the big G. The answer is yes, every morning I start my day of with Indian based yoga and meditation and after I enjoy a glass of green tea. Why, because they make me feel good, and at some point in my life not even trying to reach towards globalization someone or something force upon me the thought that, the effects of both yoga and green tea are positive ones. Globalization surrounds us in the 21st century and at this point there is honestly no way to avoid it. It consumes every single one of us and we consume every bit of it.

Starting my day off each day of my life with out coming into contact Globalization is next to impossible. For instance the morning I woke up on sheets made in Bangladesh, ate my breakfast while watching a tv which came from Taiwan, and finished typing my paper on a computer made somewhere in Asia. Globalization gives me the opportunity in life to have these luxuries that I may not normally be able to have. I'm not wealthy and I am on a budget so being able to save a little money is a good thing. Purchasing products made out of the country made my Christmas a heck of a lot cheaper than purchasing all American made items. Sometimes I wonder if by feeding the flame of Globalization will hurt my localized...
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