Globalization 1 Week 2

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Wallace Dubose
PHL/320 Critical Thinking

When discussing business and politics globalization is a term that frequently comes up. Many people believe that globalization is good for business rather than bad. Before discussing business one must first understand the terms good, and not good when referring to globalization. The term good is defined as something that is beneficial in your favor, therefore not good would be unbeneficial the total opposite. Organizations are always looking to expand, and if they find a way to do so, then most likely they will take advantage of it. It’s intriguing that many companies are choosing to take the global route. (1 PREMISE Interactions with others nations allow for outsourcing of jobs and buildings plans in other countries.) (2 PREMISE Globalization drives the organization brand beyond borders for great potential to succeed.) One evident example is that the cost of products in the United States is constantly rising.

One of the prime reason that led organizations looking for other cheaper solutions is because of the taxes, the taxes alone takes away from companies profit. With every business or establishment there are advantages and disadvantages about globalization but with the mast majority major companies outsourcing and profiting from it, one cold only see the advantages in it. Globalization in many ways is great for companies; however that does not mean that is is a great fit for the economy. Outsourcing jobs overseas takes away from the quality of service of the product, takes away American jobs, and most importantly takes away money from the economy.

Take the country of India for example; India has been a great country to outsource with. The people of India are very well educate, and they have a wonderfully divers culture, that allows for further change. In addition Americans worker expect higher wages than employees in India. Outsourcing may...

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The good in globalization
Richard W. Fisher and W. Michael Cox
Published: Sunday, April 9, 2006
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