Globalization’s Side Effects

Topics: Culture, Globalization, Developing country Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: August 5, 2009
Globalization’s Side Effects
May.14. 2009

Discussing globalization’s side effects might not be appropriate without determining first what globalization is. Although everyone has his or her own definition and uses the term globalization in his or her own way, globalization can be defined generally as a condition in which cross-border movements of money, goods, thoughts, and even people have become much more available on a large scale. Despite globalization having provided people throughout the world with many benefits, it has caused negative impacts on their countries’ economies as well as serious concerns about their nationalities and identities, which globalization gradually erases. The primary adverse effect of globalization is that it destabilizes the foundation of the developing countries’ economies. After cross-border movements of money and goods had become much faster and easier, many cheap and well-made products have invaded the markets of emerging countries. As a result, many local products almost have disappeared because they simply can not rival the cheap prices and high qualities of foreign products. In Paracho, Mexico, for instance, things are getting worse. A Mexican traditional guitar maker complains that his village has lost its famous craft of building guitars because of the invasion of the cheap and well-made guitars from China (Campbell, 2004). Paracho is not only losing its famous craft, but also losing the smarter and more intelligent workers who are leaving it to seek better job opportunities in the Unite State of America. In fact, hundreds and hundreds of villages and cities, especially in developing countries, are losing their main industries in addition to their traditional crafts and therefore their people...
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