Topics: Sculpture, Romania, Constantin Brâncuşi Pages: 2 (316 words) Published: June 1, 2014
I live in a country with a relatively young democracy. I experienced times when freedom of speech was prohibited and the access to information was strictly forbidden. And now I live in great times when bounds can be formed without the limits placed on humanity by the authorities, religion or race. The freedom that internet gives us is wonderful, we can change ideas, share information, enjoy art. Now, the access to information means power and I would like to give an example of an event that took place in Romania and which the international press named it “Romanian autumn”. Thousands of people all over the country, with no leaders and organized mainly on social networks, protested against the open cast mining project that would use cyanide and destroy four mountains in the area, project that is proposed by a foreign company in partnership with our country government. For this course project, I used an image that represent one of the most valuable resource the earth has – gold, an image that represents a great work of art – “the table of silence” made by the great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi and an image that represents a masterpiece of late Stone Age art, The Thinker, believed to be the oldest known prehistoric sculpture that reflects human introspection. We, the viewers, must reflect about the true values in our lives. We must think about the proverbial “Golden handcuffs” and about the possibility that there may be a truth behind this concept that can be easily translated in to a money language. The viewers must realize the huge responsibility that we humans have in order to preserve the natural resources for future generations, to live in harmony with all the species that inhabits the earth and, most important, to find a common language with nature because, like it or not, globalization affects the entire planet, sadly, not always in good ways.
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