Globalisation of Nike

Topics: Developed country, Developing country, Third World Pages: 5 (1454 words) Published: September 14, 2007
Introduction:Globalisation is defined in the dictionary as "The growth to a global or widespread scale". However, under a more economic definition, the term "Globalisation" describes the increased mobility of goods, services, labour, technology and capital throughout the world.

The advantages and disadvantages of globalisation have been debated and studied heavily in recent years. Some economists of globalisation say that it helps developing nations "catch up" to industrialized nations much faster through increased employment and technological advances. Critics of globalisation say that it weakens national sovereignty and allows rich nations to ship domestic jobs overseas where labour is much cheaper. Here are some examples of both advantages and disadvantages of globalisation.

This essay makes an attempt to study globalisation in general and the impact of globalisation on the sporting apparel giant Nike. The paper is divided in following subtopics:I.Overview of GlobalisationII.Advantages of GlobalisationIII.Disadvantages of GlobalisationIV.Effect of Globalisation.

V.Globalisation at NikeVI.Reasons for Globalisation at NikeVII.ConclusionsVIII.RecommendationsIX.Bibliography.

Advantages of Globalisation include:1.Increased free trade between nations2.Increased liquidity of capital allowing investors in developed nations to invest in developing nations3.Corporations have greater flexibility to operate across borders4.Global mass media ties the world together5.Increased flow of communications allows vital information to be shared between individuals and corporations around the world6.Greater ease and speed of transportation for goods and people7.Reduction of cultural barriers increases the global village effect8.Spread of democratic ideals to developed nations9.Greater interdependence of nation-states10.Reduction of likelihood of war between developed nations11.Increases in environmental protection in developed nationsDisadvantages of Globalisation include:a.Increased flow of skilled and non-skilled jobs from developed to developing nations as corporations seek out the cheapest laborb.Increased likelihood of economic disruptions in one nation effecting all nationsc.Corporate influence of nation-states far exceeds that of civil society organizations and average individualsd.Threat that control of world media by a handful of corporations will limit cultural expressione.Greater chance of reactions for globalization being violent in an attempt to preserve cultural heritagef.Greater risk of diseases being transported unintentionally between nationsg.Spread of a materialistic lifestyle and attitude that sees consumption as the path to prosperityh.International bodies like the World Trade Organization infringe on national and individual sovereigntyi.Increase in the chances of civil war within developing countries and open war between developing countries as they vie for resourcesj.Decreases in environmental integrity as polluting corporations take advantage of weak regulatory rules in developing countriesEffect globalisation of companiesEconomic impact- This includes the amount and types of jobs available and filled, the profits the company receive each financial year, the increase of international trade, the increase of competition and how effectively the company is bettering its competition, and finally the efficiency of the company in term of employees roles and shrinkage of goods.

Environmental impact: This includes the company's environmental contract and the effectiveness of sticking to this outline, including how products are made, how employees trained to deal with issues involving flora and fauna, and the degree of harm the business causes natural species.

Human rights- this includes treatment of workers and their rights and responsibilities within the company. It also include pay rates, special features i.e. superannuation, leave etc. The company should have a policy that covers the laws of each country and...
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