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Select a leader in business or politic - Analyze his/her leadership style Dinh Anh
Bristol University
For many people, the style of leadership conjures up images of political or organizational leaders who accomplish seemingly impossible feat. When we asked to name leaders, people usually mention the likes of Ho Chi Minh, Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. These leaders and others like them are passionate and engender strong emotional responses in their followers. The most currently approaches to leadership focus on leaders who create special and long-lasting relationships or deep emotional bonds with their followers and, through such bonds, are able to implement change and achieve extraordinary results. For more details of the new style leadership: “A Relationship between leaders and followers”. We will analyze five characteristic traits that made Nelson Mandela an effective leader. Body

Mandela could be, when necessary, an eloquent statesman, an articulate technocrat, or a humorous storyteller.  He knew which situations called for which role and he was self-aware enough to recognize how people were viewing him.  At the same time, he could put himself in their place too and feel as they felt. Sense of humor

Humor disarms opponents, diffuses tense moments, and acts as a diversion.  Self-deprecating humor humanizes a person and shows a level of self-confidence.  Mandela regularly referred to himself as an old man and frequently shared a humorous story during speeches in which a young girl called him a “stupid old man”.  There is something special about people who are confident enough to laugh at themselves, especially when it is a larger-then-life figure like Mandela. Humility

Effective leaders do not let their egos get in the way of accomplishing their mission.  When Mandela’s death became public, many people who knew him commented on how humble he was.  When meeting someone he frequently said: “It’s an honor to...

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