global world challenges for muslim

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MuhamadAzreilSyaffiq Bin Mat Noor (1213237)
19 May 2014

-Global Challenges for Muslim Community-
Globalization has a big influence to Muslim populations and it brings huge impacts to the world in every single aspect. Plus, global economy is one of the greatest things happened directly proportional to the rise of globalization. The concept of globalization brings the culture of being competitive among people and surely Muslims are included. Countries around the world compete with each other in order to gain the superpower as the top global nations. Though America is believed to be weaker in the near future, but still its influence on the global economy will probably make them to remain strong. This can be seen through the efforts made by the United States nation showing their ability to resolve global crises and their soft power in the field of economy (New Straits Times, 2012). In that matter, they will be able to fight against incoming competitors to surpass them so that they will remain being the first among equal. However, for Muslims communities,this phenomenon has become a challenge for them as the chances in dominating the global economic sector still far away. As Muslims have lesser chances to be as one of the top rank countries, they tend to follow and adapt what have been posed by the Western. Instead of creating an innovative ideas and great productivity, these issues will create an unhealthy culture among Muslims communities where they will beleft behind in economic-based sector and thus, becoming passive communities. In short, less attention given to Muslims has actually become a minor obstacle for this population to move forward towards success. In addition to that, most Muslims who are living in underdeveloped countries are facing a big problem of dominating the world economics even to get involvedin the global economic sectors is another issue. As a result to fewer chances provided for Muslims in this sector, this will only reduce or limit the Muslims’ achievement towards the success of this sector. Surely, Muslims will not be able to show the world their talents in organizing this economic field so that to gain others’ certainty about their own abilities that the world has misinterpreted for every now and then. Likewise, the world will see Muslims as weak, fragile and useless communities living together in a small alienated population. To add this, Haniff, (n.d) also comes out with a smart argumentation saying that human resources act as path to the development of Muslim communities. This however explains the critical element, human resources need attention from Muslims community if they aspire to be significant in the global economic. In other words, the economic growth will likely be depended on the human productivity values itself, which need to be developed and strengthened due to recent global competition.

Another element which also becomes a great challenge for Muslim populations in the immediate future is education.Education has becomea great indicator to measure the development of certain countries and communities, since education shapes the future of a country whether to be success or not. The world perceives education as the most crucial element which defines success. One’s life can be changed easily through great education and knowledge. The problem in education arises when Muslims are not given the same and equal chance to seek knowledge like the Western people. People in Western country may have big opportunity in seeking knowledge as they own most of the great universities in the world. Warren Buffet, the intelligent investor, has shown the world how a brilliant guy survives to become the most successful person in the world.(Kennon, 2014) The excellence in academic does contribute much in constructing the strategies for Buffet to become a Billionaire today. Meanwhile, that opportunity does not happened in the same way for Muslim communities. As they have been isolated within a big...

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