Global Warming - Persuasive Essay

Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: July 11, 2014
The United States of America constitute four percent of the world's population, yet produce one-fourth of the world's carbon dioxide (Arbitrage 2005). It has been controversial if carbon dioxide is causing to rise the world's temperature with long-term destruction to the environment or not. This research involves trying to find out if in fact global warming is happening or not. There are climate research findings which state global warming is happening, and there are also findings that this man-caused climate change is not evident. To the layman person, the conflicted issue can be rather confusing. The goal of this paper is to show which argument is stronger.

International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), the interest group which focuses on publicizing the consequences of ill-advised ideas of global warming. Its goal is to create awareness about rational discussion about climate changes, in so doing, moving the debate away from implementation of costly, dangerous, and ineffectual energy sources such as wind turbines, solar power, and biofuels. The core principles consist of ten criteria; however, these core principles can be overthrown with scientific discoveries by global warming activists such as EDF. The interest group, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), focuses on preserving the natural systems on which all life depends. Its mission is to find practical and lasting solution to the most serious environmental problems. ICSC (global warming skeptic) states the first core principle as following. 1.) Global climate is always changing in accordance with natural causes and recent changes are not unusual. To answer the Regarding the climate change issue, EDF stated that humans are causing global warming by two main actions burning fossil fuels and deforestation which causes large amounts of carbon dioxide to be released in the atmosphere and act as a greenhouse. The second core principle is 2.) Science is rapidly evolving away from the view that humanity's...
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