Global Warming Facts

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: January 5, 2014
Part 2: Argument Writing
Global warming causes many of the disastrous problems we have in our world today. The causes of global warming is what most people would be shocked about and some of the causes are being used almost every day. One cause of global warming is carbon dioxide being admitted into the air by the burning of fossil fuels. Two things that emit this is factories and cars. One used to meet the demand of buyers and the other used daily by millions around the world. A second cause is deforestation. The effects that these two causes lead two are plentiful. However, the two effects are even more dangerous storms coming our way and the extinction of animals. The more storms that come our way the more money, lives and homes we begin to lose. When it comes to the extinction of animals, we need them to survive. Without some of these animals, many people would starve. In conclusion, these are only two causes and effects of global warming, and the results are horrible.

As any good topic, global warming became a controversy. The first side, which most people also agree with, believe that global warming is a real and is increasing in threat as time goes by. However, there are some non-believers that think that global warming is just a myth or theory. The first side is scientifically proven over many years of research. While some aspects of global warming like the causes and effects of global warming is agreed upon. However, the non- believers are focused on the aspects that are not totally confirmed. Some of these aspects are time, distance and arrival of the effects. In conclusion, while the topic of global warming is controversial there are reasons to defend both sides.

Although there is many supporting details to further enhance both sides of the global warming controversy, I strongly agree with the first group. I agree with the first group because I believe in more of a scientific hypothesis. According to “Just Facts” global warming...
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