Global Warming

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Global Warming: Origins, Effects, and Potential Solutions
Since the dawn of the 19th century, civilization has been very dependent on the consumption of fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, coming from these emissions plague our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trap heat and prevent warmer air from escaping our atmosphere, which causes a containment of excess heat, thus causing a climate change; in this case, a rise in temperature.

There has been large amounts of debate on whom to blame for global warming, although further conclusions generally accept that it is originally an all-human cause. In the beginning of the industrial revolution, it was thought that the emission of these green house was completely harmless. But it has long been impossible for any nation, or any multinational corporation, to go on emitting greenhouse gases without being aware of the general consequences (Blakemore). By taking a glimpse at the nations that emit the most greenhouse gases, the largest portion of cumulative greenhouse gases are emitted from the United States. Although viewing it in a amounts per-person basis, the largest portion of greenhouse gases heating the planet is released by the United Kingdom. That’s partly because the United Kingdom created the “industrial revolution” around the year 1800, first by burning enormous amounts of coal (Blakemore). By a literal stand point, the UK is blamed the most for the world's excess heat because of surrounding countries wanting to industrialize along with them. In the end, nobody mean it to happen.

Greenhouse gases are all natural and safe, for the majority. While essential for sustaining life on Earth, excesses of greenhouse gases cause problems. As mentioned by Larry West, a former guide, “the problems begin when human activities distort and accelerate the natural process by creating more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than are necessary to warm the planet to an ideal temperature.” These...

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