Global Warming

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Global Warming
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SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment (GSM1312A)
Instructor: Benjamin Kirgan

Global warming is not a new subject, over the years we have heard a lot about all the different effects that global warming can have on our planet. Many people wonder if global warming is happening at all and if it is happening, can it really hurt us. Many scientist claim that the human race is to blame for global warming, while others claim that the human race is not responsible. I believe that the human race is to blame for global warming. In my essay, I will explain what global warming is, is it really happing, both sides to whether the human race is to blame, what effect will global warming have on plants, animals, and people, and if the human race can take action to stop global warming. Everyone always talks about the effects of global warming without talking about what global warming is. Global warming is the increase of the average temperature on earth. To understand the concept of global warming you have to understand how the earth atmosphere works. Of all the different gases that make up earth’s atmosphere, greenhouse gases are extremely important. Greenhouse gases let the visible light through the earth’s atmosphere but not the heat. When the light from the sun, which is visible light, hits the earth’s atmosphere, the greenhouse gases let it through. When the hits something reflective on the ground, such as snow or shiny metal roof, it bounces the visible light back through the atmosphere and back into outer space. When the sunlight hits something that is dark or non-reflective, its heat gets absorbed. The sunlight’s energy is converted to heat in the ground. This energy then radiates back toward space. This heat is called heat wave or infrared. This is the type of energy that the greenhouse gases do not let through. Therefore, the heat that started as visible light from the sun is now trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. Unable to get to outer space it warms the air, which helps warm the ground and the oceans. Greenhouse effect is not a bad thing it helps keep the earth’s temperature warm enough to live on. As the population and technology continue to increase so, does the amount of fossil fuels and other harmful gases increase. All these new developments are causing too many greenhouse gases to be trapped on the earth’s atmosphere. This is the reason for the temperature of the earth increasing. This is what global warming is, it is the earth heating up because of the increase in greenhouse gases. Many people are not sure if global warming is real or just talk. Just like any disagreement or argument there are two sides of the story. One side claims the global warming is not happening. In a recent interview in the wall street journal, sixteen scientists expressed that they do not believe global warming is real and it is not supported by science. They claim that the planet has stopped warming and is headed for a cooling period. The claim that recent data that they have collected over the past few years showed that the earth stopped warming in 1997. They also contradict that carbon dioxide pollution is causing global warming and they even claim that we are heading toward a global cooling. Other scientists claim that global warming is happening but it will not hurt the human race. Many of these people believe that it could even be a good thing. Some scientists claim that it would be great for our crops. They say that crops need heat in order to grow and more heat means more crops. Crops also need a lot of water and if the ice melts because of high temperatures, the rise in the sea levels could be beneficial. Higher temperatures combined with the higher sea levels, leads to evaporation and evaporation leads to more rain. This means more water for the crops. Scientists also say that carbon dioxide is beneficial to crops. According to these scientists, they believe that when global...

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