Global Warming

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Business Ethics
Global Warming

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Ethics of Global Warming4
Corporate Social Responsibility6
Innovations of Change7

Business Ethics and global warming is now a leading topic discussed throughout the world today. How a business represents their image, as a green company is a major factor on how they are looked upon in the social media. Corporate Social Responsibility is now a major key factor in the image behind the company profitability market. Now more than ever before have business been socially responsible for their actions. Companies are responsible and rewarded for making the difference in the lives of others and for our environment. However, if global warming is not only an environmental issue, then it is also an ethical decision to be socially responsible.

I. Global warming is a social responsibility.
II. Global warming is ethically a social responsibility and how they are entwined with our morals and values. III. Corporate Social Responsibility on being green.
IV. Innovation on change to make the difference.

Ethics of Global Warming
Global warming is an epidemic growing concern through out all the countries on planet Earth. If we do not act social responsible for our actions the repercussions will be passed on to future generations. “Life on this planet will be gravely affected unless we embrace new practices, ethics, and values to guide our lives on a warming planet”. We the human population must act utilitarian to save our planet. There are scientific facts that prove the Earth’s climate changes are from the primarily use of human beings burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gases are the major causes of global warming. Planet Earth is in need for our world to come together and respond from our morals and values to act responsible in order to save our planet for future generations.

Global warming is not only an environmental phenomenon; it is the hottest contested political issue. The ethics of global warming involves both human relationships, and the relationship with nature. The real question is who bears the burden of global warming? Who gets to decide between what is best for the human kind at the expense of nature? I believe that they both are intertwined together. How could we as human exist without our planet? Unfortunately, morals and values have become linked to the monetary vales of being in a rich or poor country. It is a bitter irony and a grave injustice that economically developed countries that are most responsible for global warming change possess the wealth, technology, and infrastructure to cope with its negative effects, while those who have the least will have the largest burdens to bear. The world’s population must become utilitarian and act responsible to make a call for action to save our planet Earth.

Solutions to save our planet start with our own personal practices: * Reuse, recycle, and reduce waste
* Plant and preserve trees and native plants and choose sustainably harvested wood and wood products * Use alternative sources of energy to reduce global warming and to encourage the development of such sources We can call upon our denominational leaders to provide:

* Leadership, by calling upon the major political parties to develop energy and climate change policies and to make them central topics of debate in state, congressional, and presidential elections * Education, by providing spiritual, educational, and technical resources for congregational and individual responses * Support, by assisting congregations in evaluating and addressing the risks and challenges they face as a result of global warming * Sustainable investing, by exploring the potential for using the ownership rights of the denomination's financial resources to positively address the global warming change crisis

Corporate Social Responsibility
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