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Global Warming

By guanbinh Feb 18, 2013 1036 Words
1. Global Warming
It increases in the average temperature of Earth's surface.
It is caused by the gases produced (CO2) when humans burn coal, oil, etc. It affects the weather, natural resources, the health of people and animals around the world. The effects: increasing temperature, rising oceans, decreasing food and water, human health, economic. 2. Ozone Depletion

Ozone layer is a sun block around the earth.
Ozone reduces the amount of UV-B radiation that is harmful human health. It is thinner because there are lot of CFCs, Cl2, and pollution into the air. We prevent by many ways like forestation, Use of eco- friendly products, saving energy, public awareness about the dangerous effects. 3. Kyoto failed because there weren’t able to bridge the gap between developed and developing nations. The developed countries want to limit using non renewable resources that are harmful for environment but the developing still use them for economic benefit. Global warming effect than ozone depletion: By effecting on weather and human, global warming will accelerate ozone destruction. It makes the ozone depletion gets worse where the ozone layer becomes colder. 4. Indoor pollution: People spend most time indoor

Indoor air pollutants can cause discomfort, and reduce attendance and productivity. Sources: dust in air conditioner, dirty carpets, wall paints, cleaning products Solution: clean air conditioner, change new carpets, select wall paper, and wash carefully cleaning products. 5. Compare and Contrast Nuclear and Geothermal energy:

Geothermal energy is available energy in nature but nuclear energy has to produce. Both of two energies are harmful to environment, but nuclear energy affects more serious. Both are the good long term investment for large supply.

6. 3 main methods of waste disposal:
Landfill Get rid of trash take lot of land space
Be reused for other toxic waste
community purposes
Capture methane gas pollution for air, water

Incineration Requires minimum land expensive to build and operate Can be operated in any weather unsightly - smell, waste

Recycling Save the resources expensive, some wastes cannot be recycled Reduction of waste technological push needed through the reuse of product
7. You are in charge of sustainability. Keeping landscaping of the city clean and green, having more shaded developed area, Encouraging everyone save energy and water, developing public transportation, reducing taxes and increasing healthy community. 8. You are in charge of sustainability in MC.

I will use solar energy because MC in California has lot of sunshine around the year. I encourage public transit by: built more bus routes to MC, discount tickets for student, encourage student use bus to save energy. I do: landscaping plant more tree to have shadow and clear air. Saving energy: turn off electric equipment when do not use, water saving replacing toilet with new, checking leaks and repaired, and keeping more park for wild animals. 9. This room has passive solar implements: YES, because everything was electric equipment. 10. Two disadvantages of coal: threat human health, air and water pollution, CO2. 11. Abundant fossil fuel on the Earth is coal.

12. What use coal the most? Electricity producing
13. Two disadvantages of wind energy: visual pollution, too much noise. 14. Levels of 11 common pollutants are generally 2-5 times higher outdoor vs. indoor? FALSE 15. Photovoltaic panels are part of active solar heating system. 16. When woman are in pregnant, their body is so weak and easily get mercury from food (fish), pollution air, worked areas. Why is LA very prone to SMOG pollution?

LA is overpopulated area and has lots of people and cars. LA is surrounded by mountains, so there is no place for smog to go.

Why are scientists worried about indoor air pollution?
People spend most of their time indoors.
The electric equipments in room or building materials can build the indoor pollution like computer, TV, electric wire, carpets and paints wall coverings.

What are the cause and impacts of global warming and ozone depletion? Main causes affect global warming: carbon dioxide and methane has too much in the environment. The impacts of global warming: Increasing temperature on the earth and rising of sea levels, and melting ice and snow. Describe 2 advantages/disadvantages of each following:

Advantage Disadvantage

Solar energy: Energy is free High cost (active)
Quick installation can’t use in night
Wind energy: No CO2 emission too much noisy
Easily expandable Visual pollution
Geothermal: Moderate net energy CO2 emission
Low land use and land disturbance Depleted if used too rapidly Oil: Easily transported Air pollution when burned
High net energy yield Moderate water pollution
Coal: Ample supplies CO2 emission
High net energy yield Air & water pollution
Nuclear: Large fuel supply needs huge government subsidies
Low environmental impact storage of waste a big problem

Some examples to reduce impacts of environment
- Transportation: developing the transportation and encouraging people to use public transportation to reduce CO2 for environment and save energy. - Housing: reduce environment impacts of housing through in design, using technologies and material choices that build green housing, healthy housing, low emission housing, passive housing. - Energy usage: save in using energy and encourage using the renewable energy. - Water usage: reducing household water usage, replacing these toilets with new, checking leaks and repairing. - Landscaping: keeping the city green and clean, having more shaded developed areas, increasing storm-water runoff and erosion. - Health and economic: a healthy community will decrease diseases, save the cost for medical, increase the productivity.

Hazardous waste: threatens human health or environment because it is toxic. (Industrial solvents, hospital medical waste, car batteries…) Solid waste: unwanted or discarded material we produce that is not a liquid or a gas. (Industrial and mining wastes, can, bottles, food and packaging) Municipal solid waste: trash produced directly by homes and workplace. Industrial solid waste: produced indirectly by mines, factories, refineries, and businesses.

Three major methods of managing waste:
First priority: primary pollution and waste prevention
- change industrial process to eliminate harmful chemicals.
- purchase different products.
- use less of a harmful product.
- reduce packaging and material in products.
Second Priority: secondary pollution and waste prevention
- reuse products
- repair products
- recycle
- compost
- buy reusable and recyclable products
Last Priority: Waste Management
- treat waste to reduce toxicity
- incinerate waste
- bury waste in landfills
- release waste into environment for dispersal or dilution

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