Global War on Terror - Annotated Bibliography

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PIED 1542 Globalisation
Annotated Bibliography: The Global War on Terror
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Elvira King

Global War on Terror

Journal Article: Zenko, M. & M A. Cohen. 2012. Clear and Present Safety: The United States Is More Secure Than Washington Thinks. Foreign Affairs pg 79-93

In Zenko and Cohen’s section of American ‘Foreign Affairs’ magazine’s 91st volume, they set out to critically analyse the true extent to which terrorism threatens America, and whether or not threat inflation exists within the Obama Administration. The role of the American media is scrutinised in this article, as both authors seek to identify how reliable or accurate the information is that is released into the public domain. Zenko and Cohen set out to provide an informative critique of U.S. counterterrorism, claiming that national security experts are little more than scaremongers. A crucial point within the article is their viewpoint on the reasons why U.S. officials assign so much attention and resources to the promotion of public awareness in the face of terror activity. They claim that taking a hard stance on terrorism serves as an electoral pawn for both major U.S political parties. This cynical standpoint gives the reader the impression that they abjectly disagree with the methods and the information presented by the U.S officials in the midst of what both authors see as a U.S dominated global political environment. Micah Zenko’s Fellowship in the Centre for Preventive Action at the Council on Foreign Relations insinuates that he has a breadth of knowledge on the topic of counterterrorism and so therefore it would seem sensible to assume that his opinion is valuable. Michael A. Cohen is also a Fellow at the Century Foundation, and so his analysis surely constructively aids the reader. Their backgrounds should serve to reinforce their credibility, as it would be imprudent to believe that these authors could gain such prestigious fellowships without thorough and extensive understanding of their particular fields. Yet one could suggest that Micah Zenko is in little more than obstinate disagreement with his peers, as he claims that in a 2009 survey “69 percent of members of the Council on Foreign Relations believed that for the United States at the moment, the world was either as dangerous as or more dangerous than it was during the Cold War.” Zenko’s refusal to accept the opinion of the majority of his academic peers, coupled with both authors’ scathing indictment to former Vice President Dick Cheney’s “one percent doctrine” seems to suggest that neither Zenko nor Cohen are perturbed by the concept of criticising the U.S. government, irrespective of current or previous administrations. This would suggest that at least there is no sense of political bias, and so therefore it is more a critique of U.S counterterrorism procedures rather than an anti-Democrat political propaganda article, lending weight to the idea that their article is informative rather than politically influential.

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Key Text: ROGERS, P. 2002. Losing Control: Global Security in the Twenty-first Century. 2nd Edition, London, Pluto Press.

Paul Rogers sets out to identify how international relations and global security have been affected since 9/11, and whether much of the anti-terrorism strategies carried out by the West have proven to be successful or counter-productive. His analysis of the security paradigm highlights the irrevocable sense that the West’s attempts to eradicate ‘terrorism’ through forms of coercion is partially due to the West’s innate fear of anarchical foreign relations (global insecurity) yet also their realist tendencies to further their own political position. Roger’s insightful evaluation of NATO member’s dominance on a socio-economic level iterates the extent to which those signatories feel they can maintain a sense of order in an increasingly...
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