Global War on Terror and Its Effects in Pakistan

Topics: Compact Cassette, Scientific method, Vermiform appendix Pages: 4 (652 words) Published: July 10, 2013

Sections of a proposal/dissertation

Title page
Approval page
Abstract (200-250 words, single paragraph, left hand justified) Acknowledgement
Statement of authorship
I, _________________________declare that this dissertation is entirely my own words unless otherwise indicated in the text. Further, this work, in parts or whole, has not previously been presented or examination at this or any other educational institution. Signature, Date. Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of figures (graphs)
List of Illustrations (photographs, maps etc)
List of Appendices
List Abbreviations

Chapter 1 Introduction
1. Background to the Study
2. Statement of the Problem
3. Aims and Objectives of the Study
4. Research Questions
Research hypotheses – maybe here depends on the supervisor) 5. Significance of the Study
(for proposal only 1.6 Assumptions & Delimitations of the Study) 6. Definition of Terms

Chapter 2 Literature Review
Research Hypotheses (after entire lit rev – immediately before Chp 3)

NOTE: for dissertations using document analysis Chp 3 Methodology becomes Chapter 2 and the dissertation progresses from there.

Chapter 3 Methodology
3.1 Research Design & Rationale
3.2 Research Site
Describe location/s with a salient detail; all identifying information removed/disguised. 3.3 Population & Sampling Method
Population delimited, delineated & defined
3.4 Sample & Participants (for proposal use “predicted sample” & omit participants)
Sample delimited, delineated & defined
Describe with salient detail; All identifying information removed/disguised 3.5 Data Collection Tools
List numerical items used to gather data. Describe the item in sufficient detail that someone could collect all the equipment needed just by reading the text. For example:
1. Interview schedule (Appendix A). 15 open-ended question tapping peer relations and gender. 2. 1 X portable cassette tape recorder
3. 2 X 60 minute blank...
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