Global Village Concept & Intercultural Communicator

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Global Village Concept & Intercultural Communicator

Briefly describe the global village concept.

The global village concept states that the advancements in communication and transportation technologies will make the world seem smaller and create one big happy village.

Do I believe that the global village concept has been realized? Why or why not?

I do not believe that the global village concept has been realized because the same advancements that were supposed to create this happy village show us that it is not true. One of the biggest indicators that is constantly shown to us on the news is the war in Iraq. Some people of Middle Eastern decent despise the American influence and what it represents. This is shown to us by acts of terrorism and blatant messages that warn us leave their country. This is not a one-way situation, there are those in America that use the actions of the few and take it out on the culture as a whole. Just because the media shows us the differences between cultures, it does not mean that the differences are accepted.

Another issue that indicates that this concept has not been realized is the lack of acceptance of differences within the American culture. The happy global village cannot even be achieved within one country let alone the world.

When might we see the fruition of the global village concept?

I do not believe that this concept will be realized. I believe that it will get better with each generation.

Intercultural Communicator
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