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Topics: Individual, Person, Metaphor Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: July 20, 2014
Most texts explore the search for the balance between the individual/local/community and the global village the global village disrupts the balance and some individuals struggle to cope with these challenges while others cope with it.

Castle: Impersonal broad approach of the global village to the individual can cause them to have a close minded attitude which deters them from embracing the global village In the Film the Castle During the scene at the administrative appeals tribunal where Darryl goes to find out why his house id being taken away from him to expand a freight company (Airlink) “This is a ironclad agreement, between federal and local government and the airports commission” Darryl: “well where the agreement with Darryl Kerrigan 3 Highveiw crescent Coolaro? it’s not gonna happen”

The reverse angle shots and the contrast in their language suggest how impersonal and inconsiderate the global village can become, by Darryl mentioning his name and address he brings the conversat n culty in understanding as they are taking his home away for the companies expansion purposes. Air-link (major freight company) become symbolic of the global village as the freight company hold the same values, beliefs and attitudes. Throughout the film Airlink is referred to as “they” the third person impersonal pronoun reflects their approach to the individual which is impersonal and inconsiderate which makes the company separate from the communities and the individuals within it.

SPOT: Similarly showing individuals that try to speak up in the global village are neglected treated impersonally.

Similarly in the blog “SPOT” Stewart demonstrates that the individuals that take up the challenge of being part of the global village are treated impersonally and are neglected as there are so many voices out in the online world. The metaphor “immediately you are assaulted by defeating noise” reflects upon the individuals struggles to be part of the global village. “It’s a...
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