Global village

Topics: Earth, Evolution, Life Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: March 26, 2014

Global Village

What is meant by the global village?
the global village is describing the world and how it has shrink into a village by the different media types, mostly importantly the world web making it extremely easy to pass messages to people across the globe. This making the world become like a village where people can contact others quickly and conveniently.

The GAIA hypothesis?
The whole idea known as the gaia hypothesis, is believed to be that the earth is considered as living organism. The earth is a very put together system that all living things have an effect on the earths environment, including the atmosphere, the temperature and the location of the earth to the sun are very important factors to the planet.

Earth as a fragile plant?
From all the planets that we know about in the solar system as far as we know earth is the only planet with life on it. Which means that the earth is able to give us the materials and the nutrients we need to survive, such as water, and oxygen. For the earth to provide us with what we need to live we take the materials it supplies for us. But as the more people living on the earth, the more we need of the materials. The more we use the more that the earth has to continue to supply for us. When people are taking advantage of what the earth is providing for us and cutting down more trees then it can give us the forests will disappear one day. We will have no more wood, paper and other things we get from it. Most importantly we will soon have our plants and animals that live in forests become extinct. The earth is very fragile. We need to treat it with care so we have it providing us with what we need for a long time, people need to reduce waste and use what it gives us more efficiently.

Time space convergence?
With transportation being much different then it use to be and much more advanced there is the advantages of getting people and goods to different places...
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