Global Strategy

Topics: Marketing, Globalization, Management Pages: 5 (1751 words) Published: May 20, 2013
1.1 Theoretical Background
The shift in global business has created a new form approach in global business landscape, thereby forcing firms to rethink their marketing strategies. The development in the global business environment stands out as having a dominating role in this shift. It is the business demand on the internet for increase and greater bandwidth. Global business is seen as the means to facilitate e- commerce by offering rapid transfer rate to open up multimedia delivery to small and medium size firms and individuals.(Dennis and Harris 2002, 12) The first shift has to do with the rapid growth and greater involvement of firms' in global business activities. In particular, the tremendous growth in outsourcing activities has necessarily engaged new entrants in global business-to-business (B2B) activities (i.e., importers) to which much greater attention should be paid. The second change is the transition to amore holistic approach to managing supply chain systems through greater coordination of entire distribution channels, alliances, and relational exchanges. To address the needs of their customers, firms require harmony and continuity in their supply chain systems and as supply sources are increasingly global, for example, through increased outsourcing, relational exchanges and alliances have become much more important. The third development fostering a major change in how firms conduct business and compete is the transition to electronic forms of exchange, particularly with respect to information access, storage, and retrieval. (Dennis et al) maintain that the rate of innovation and technological change puts extraordinary and unique pressure on the companies as they struggle with the demand of 24/7 economy (ibid). As we continue to embrace the advent of information technology we should also remember that all cannot be done or will be done by information technology, even thought it plays a great role in today business. According to kanter , in our enthusiasm to keep up with the way in which the world are changing , we often fail to notice what remains the same and also fail to understand new things co-exist with the old one and sometimes join them.(Kanter 2001) The focus of this research is not on the new approach of global business with the development of global information system but to tackle the issue facing the new approach thereby mention the still expectation on the global business which is the major concern of these research. 1.2 Global business alignment with information technology

The internet began as U.S military communication system. It was meant to provide a secure means by which secret information could be circulated. It was later extended into academic system assist student in their search for information. According to Gordon graham, it then that internet received enormous fillip from scientific researcher at CERM, the nuclear research centre in Switzerland who develop the 'hyper-text link'. Hyperlink allow an indefinite number of computer data base to be interconnected electronically and thus the information collected on each to be exchanged between all.(Graham 1999, 22) Information technology (IT), as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware." (Anon 2009) The spread of information technology from military security attracted millions of people to communicate and share digital store information. Its extension to civilian use introduced the freest, most lightly regulated, most international communication system in the history of mankind. The most useful aspect of internet is the electronic mail system knows as e-mail which combines the character tics of post, fax, and telephone at relatively little cost. Graham maintains that, internet is the world wide notice board and also the primary vehicle for...
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