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Special Topics in Management – Assignment 2 (Individual) Please read the case study titled: Heineken: what’s the best strategy? Build brands or acquire companies? This case study has been uploaded on moodle. Answer all questions. Question 1: What are the advantages of acquisitions in building global reach? And what are the problems? (200 words) Question 2: Would you recommend following the Heineken strategy or the strategy of its rivals? (200 words) Question 3: You are based in South Africa, and have been assigned to negotiate a business deal with the representatives of a potential distributor for Heineken in China. Since having intercultural skills is critical for a successful international experience, you consider collecting information regarding the local culture before your departure. Prepare a short description of the most striking cultural characteristics involved in communicating with the local people that may affect business interactions in China (600 words) Additional Information for question 3: GlobalEDGE features numerous websites that provide detailed cultural background information for a variety of countries. All of these resources are located under the “Culture” section of the Reference Desk. One of such sources is the Centre for Intercultural Learning. This resource can be also be accessed by using the search phrase “intercultural skills” at Once on the Centre for Intercultural Learning website, click on “Country Insights” and select “South Africa” from the country list. Cultural information can be obtained by selecting a cultural topic from the drop down menu (Do the same to find information about China). Search Phrase: “Intercultural Skills” Resource Name: Mexico: Centre for Intercultural Learning Website: Assignment Requirements   Typing requirements, Times New Roman, 12pt, 1.5 line, Spacing, 2.54 margins all round, fully justified.

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