Global Petroleum Exhibition will open shale fuel equipment giant Chinese market

Topics: Petroleum, Marine engineering, Hydrocarbon Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: April 18, 2014
The world's largest petroleum exhibition - The 14th China Worldwide Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Gear Exhibition (cippe Zhenwei Worldwide Petroleum Exhibition ) will be held in Beijing New Global Exhibition Centre in March 2014 from 19 to 21, the exhibition area of over 90,000 square meters, More than 1600 exhibitors , professional visitors will exceed 60,000 people. Development of the industry as a barometer , this exhibition reflects some of the hot spots of energy products industry. With the success of the U.S. shale gasoline revolution in the haze are frequent , increasing dependence on imported oil and fuel background, China is also eager to shale fuel development can achieve a major breakthrough. In this exhibition , shale fuel tools companies amounted to hundreds . Baker Hughes rig Snow Farm , Caterpillar and other international giants launched a new rig tools , fracturing car group , downhole products , power tools and other shale gasoline exploration and development . Among them, many techniques are debut in China . Many energy giants have sound, optimistic about China shale fuel development . The next period of time , Chinese enterprises and overseas giants on domestic shale fuel exploration and resource development efforts are expected to continue to increase . vsi crusher manufacturers in india

Experts pointed out that China relies heavily on coal, the urgent need to change the structure of energy consumption , shale gasoline development in China has a positive significance and strategic importance . The next 10 years , China shale gas exploitation will enter the golden age of rock and fuel exploration, mining tools , or can benefit from it. According to the Ministry of Land estimated that by 2020, China 's shale gasoline will enter the stage of rapid development , the annual output is expected to reach more than 100 billion cubic meters , will become an important pillar of the country's energy . With the gradual opening up of shale...
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