Global Perspectives on West Asia, Inner Asia, and South Asia

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1000 C.E.

Why is a Eurocentric perspective not helpful for understanding the world in the first millennium C.E.? How does a global perspective offer a better understanding of the development of civilizations in this era? Why did this period see a significant increase in cross-cultural contacts? How were these contacts manifested? Who participated in these increased contacts?

   Chapter 4 Learning Objectives
The Ancient History: What were the main teachings of Zoroaster, and how did Zoroastrianism influence other traditions? Identify and recognize the origins and main features of ancient Iranian civilizations Explain the key features of Zoroastrian thought, and understand its legacy in the development of later Near Eastern religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as Buddhism The First Persian Empire in the Iranian Plateau (550-330 B.C.E.) Trace the origins, growth, and development of the Achaemenid state and empire Understand the importance of Achaemenid civilization as a conduit for economic and cultural transmission between the Near East and Asia The Seleucid Successors to Alexander in the East (c. 312 – 63 B.C.E.) Summarize the influences of Hellenism and Acheamenid traditions on Seleucid rule Note the role of Eastern Hellenistic urban centers in the emergence of mystery and salvation cults The Parthian Arsacid Empire (ca. 247 B.C.E. - 223 C.E.): How did the steppe peoples act as a vehicle for cultural change?

Note the significance of steppe peoples to Iranian history
Identify Indo-Greeks, Sythians, and Kushans
Trace the role of Kushan leaders and traditions in facilitating the spread of Buddhism The Sasanid Empire (224 – 651 C.E.) : How did the sasanids build a strong state? Summarize the historical significance of the relationship between the Sasanids and Byzantium Identify Mani and his beliefs, and their relationship to...
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