Global Mindset

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A ‘global mindset’ is the key to the success of any organization that wants to operate and succeed in the global market of today. just as a business primary goal is to increase profit by offering or selling a service, it cannot survive within itself by offering services that it perceives as good for its customers without taking into cognizance the peculiarities of the locality in which it is operating (Bartell & Ghoshal,1989). However for the impact of a ‘global mindset ‘to be felt in an organization it has to be viewed as the amalgamation of both the cooperate global mindset as described by Paul (2000), and the individual mindset as further explained by Boyacigiller et al (2004),Kedia &Mukherji (1999). The importance of this fusion was even further expatiated on in a study by David E.Bowen & Andrew, C.Inkpen. (2009). The importance of achieving this ‘global mindset’ balance cannot be better demonstrated, than by the success recorded by McDonald’s international innovation, which even in a recession where a lot of companies record deep in revenue, have continued to sustain increase in sales from its international outlets in Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa,France,U.k and the middle East , by concentrating more on ‘targeting local taste with global menu’ and adoption transnational solution (Bartlett & Ghoshal 2002). In conclusion, and from my experience, the ‘global mindset’ of an organization determines how it will survive in the global market, as specific products or services rendered have to be developed, tailored and managed with the target market in mind (Bartell & Ghoshal,1989). , and this cannot be achieved in isolation of the locality in which it is operating. Hence to remain competitive in a global economy there must be a change in the strategy of managing the culture of an organization and the mindset of the managers to suite specific target markets globally (Jeannet, 2000). Reference:

-Bartlett C.A and Ghoshal, S. (1998), managing across borders Boston:...
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