Global Marketing Strategy of Carrefour in Malaysia

Topics: Carrefour, Brand, Private label Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: December 20, 2010
Global Marketing Strategy
Carrefour is one of the hypermarket that offers a wild range of products such as grocery product, clothing, consumer goods and household appliances besides these commodity products, It is able to satisfy all of the customers’ need in only one trip. On the other hands, Carrefour offers some healthy product such as organic products for health-conscious customers. In its operation, Carrefour adhere to the concept of “fresh quality product at discounted price and direct from producer to customer” (Kamath & Godin, 2001). Carrefour identifies all fresh products that supply from its vendors base on the Carrefour Control Line (CCL). Carrefour Control Line (CLL) is a pioneering sustainable development approach that Carrefour use to meet customer expectations of quality by control the safely, quality and authentic of fresh products, maintain long-term relationships with producers and respect for environment. Producers are required to comply with set of related specifications, such as ban on chemical treatments after harvesting. As Carrefour is a first mover to open the hypermarket in the Asia; they were lack of information about Asian’s custom, culture and preference. Thus, Carrefour choose to formed the partnerships or joint venture with local retail companies in each Asia countries in order to gain local knowledge of products, customers’ preferences, taste, brand perception. For example: In the year of 1994, Carrefour was formed a partnership with Magnificent Diagraph Sdn Bhd in order to smoothest their business in Malaysia (Kamath & Godin, 2001). Besides acquire important information of target market, Carrefour is able to identify the potential suppliers and build up vendor relationship with them at the same time. Carrefour is also innovated private label products which called “produits libres” since 1976 (Butz, No date). Private label product refers to product that offers by a retailer under its own brand name. Carrefour offer private...
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