Global Manager - Challenges and Responisibities

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Question 1. Constrains and Challenges for the Global Manager. As our organization we chose a humidification called ‘Climanova’ in Eede. It’s often interacted with because Jolien works there often in the weekends. The physical design:

The organization is located in Eede a small town in Zeeland. Climanova lies on an industrial area surrounded by multiple European organizations. There is a big parking lot in front of Climanova where all the clients and employees get to park for free. The building has a modern design with black and grey colors, a lot of windows, big office spaces, two floors, a big lunch area and an elevator. From the physical layout we can say that the building is handicap friendly, the set up is very large which tells us that Climanova wants to impress its clients by their organizational capabilities. The big windows and office spaces show that Climanova values its employees and wants to create a positive work environment. The value that the organization has within the building is orderliness, cleanliness and safety.

The Symbols:

The values that are highlighted are communications, cooperation (teamwork) and coordination. The logo consists out of the colors blue and orange. Blue stands for water, because the company revolves around water. Orange is the color of the Dutch kingdom. On the building there is a big logo displayed with the name of the company. Also every employee has sweaters, jackets, shirts and pants with the logo and almost every employee has his own van or car with the logo of the company displayed. The company has developed special business cards, pen, paper, gifts and folders with the logo. The employees’ needs are emphasized. One of the employees is handicapped and the company made the whole building handicap friendly. Smoking inside and stealing are actions that are prohibited within the organization; therefor the CEO has set up an agreement with its employees. The slogan of Climanova is ‘Not just air conditioning’, which distinguishes them from other organizations. There are no artifacts displayed within the company. The Words:

The organization addresses its employees very professional. Employees are addressed with official business titles, like CEO, architectural designer, head of production, etc. This tells us that the company is very professional and organized. The story that is repeated a lot is the story of how the company got started, how it grew from a small office in a home to a global organization. These things tell us that the company values harmony, integrity, loyalty and innovation. The Policies and Activities:

The government has created official laws that organizations have to follow within their company. Climanova values these laws very much, which shows respect for the Individual. If employees work hard they get a bonus at the end of the year. Rituals are important in the company, there is a speech at the end of the year and twice a year there’s a special event for the employees where they go and have a barbecue or dinner party, to value the team building.

Question 2. Global Management.
Find two current examples of each of the ways that organizations go international (global sourcing, import/export, licensing/franchising, strategic alliance, joint venture and foreign subsidiary). Describe how these companies operate globally. Please use appendix for supporting documentation.

Global sourcing
-Different IT personnel that are working for a company currently have people in India and Ireland that are working for them. -In the textile industry it has been common for years that the manufactures for the textile are mostly settled in South East Asia, examples of these are China and Indonesia. For both of these examples the reason is that the wages are way lower in the countries mentioned above than they are in the countries where the organizations have their headquarters.

Import / Export
-The Aalsmeer Flower Auction is the...
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