Global Issues

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Population is determined by two main factors. Birth rate which is the number of people being born and death rate is the number of people who dies. If the number of deaths is greater than the number of births then the population is decreasing. On the other hand, number of deaths is less than the number of births, the population is increasing. In assessment, the latter has taken place. These two factors have increased so drastically there a concern at overpopulation will cause havoc globally as natural resources are depleted, waterways are drained and rainforest are cleared to provide more homes. Overpopulation will also cause massive pollution as well as food shortage since land erosion cannot be replaced quickly. Thus, global population growth is a global problem that has come to cause environmental issues.

According to the Harf and Lombardi a global issue must be real, controversial and does not have national boundaries; therefor it affects every aspect of the globe one way or another. The issue will not go away on its own. Nor can it be resolved by a single action. Instead, a long-term commitment by a multitude of communities must to work together to make improvements. The current world population of 7.2 billion is projected to increase by 1 billion over the next 12 years. “Global population will rise 46% between now and 2050 to 9 million (Harf & Lombardi, p.30). It is necessary to repopulate the world. Individual countries need protection from greed. There should not be a fear of human kind being on the decline. Only it should be gradually to allow natural resources time to replenish and communities to grow to support the population increase.

Overpopulation can be caused by several reasons; however, life expectancy is the most common in the form of an increase in birth rates and decline in mortality rates. Yahoo Dictionary defines overpopulation to be excessive population of an area to the point of overcrowding, depletion of natural resources or environmental deterioration. Overpopulation can also be described as the inability of the world’s resources to sustain the population. “While developed countries are losing population around the world because of falling birth rates and carefully controlled immigration rates (only the United States reversed this trend, with a 45 percent growth to 422 million predicted by 2050), population is exploding in the developing world” (Harf & Lombardi, p. 30). The United Sates with a population of 322,431,428 is currently the third largest country behind China (1,393,292,415) and India (1,266,486,468) respectively. Until the mid-sixties, the number of births equaled the number of death causing population stability. However, with the improvement of technological skills, the scale has been tipped. Improvements and discoveries made by Science have helped to populate Earth as well. Medically, scientists and doctors are now able to combat diseases to allow people to live longer. Many life threatening diseases are no longer claiming lives. Advancement in fertility medicine has made it possible for couples with difficulty to conceive to have children. Living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising have also contributed to a longer life span.

Another major reason for overpopulation is immigration. Whether it is moving to a new country or to the city, it causes overcrowding. More people increases the demand for food, housing and clothing. It is necessary for the community to provide education to the children. Adults may also need schooling in order to provide for their family. The main purpose in immigrating is to seek a better life; thus, more jobs will be needed. This is lead to job market become competitive. The population with jobs will have lower wages while the ones who are not employed will live in poverty.

While birth and a longer life span pushes the population upward, this rapid population growth has caused the Earth’s resources not to be able to sustain...
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