Global Inequality

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Racial segregation, Sociology Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: October 23, 2005
When thinking of global inequality, one thinks of the racial segregation that they come across when they travel to different countries and are in the presents of different cultures and societies. It's not just racial segregation, but religious oppressions and sexist beliefs that come from various cultures and countries. In some countries it is illegal to smoke marijuana, in other's it's not; in some countries a women can not be seen standing in public without the presence of a man beside her, where in another country such a rule would be considered absurd. These laws are based on social norms and cultures, which lead to global inequalities.

The incarceration rate in the United States is higher than what you would see in other countries. This isn't because we have the highest crime rates huge history of violence, but because of of the formal norms we have that other countries don't have. Such as our drug and prostitution laws where it is illegal here, yet is legal in countries throughout Europe. In Iraq and other middle eastern nations, it is illegal for women to wander the streets without the presents of a man, whether it be her husband or her son, as long as she's with a man everything will be fine. These inequalities don't happen everywhere, and thank goodness for that. In the eventual future, countries such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia won't be handling situations like these, in such a manner, they will act out more democratically.

If a female were to walk out on the streets of Iraq, in the year 2050, one would believe that the government has taken strides towards being more liberal, with their laws towards females. Instead of letting men go at them as they wish or killing them off for disobeying the law, they should be given a tag or a mark as to indicate that they are taken and not just wandering the streets. Maybe they could be given a tag, to indicate that they're going shopping, or that they had to take their children to school, or they're...
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