Global Culture Success

Topics: Culture, Globalization, Nation Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Global Culture Success
Countries and cultures depend on each other to survive and cultivate their own societies. In T.S. Elliot’s essay from Notes on a Definition of Culture he states and recognizes this fact by writing: “This is, that no one nation, no one language, would have achieved what is has, if the same art had not been cultivated in neighboring countries and in different languages”. This statement holds a lot of truth to it. Countries are dependent on one another culturally and economically. The influences each country has on each other helped perpetuate society during the days of T.S. Elliot’s existence and continues to do so today. Relationships across cultures are powerful. One- on- one connections with each other is the key to a foundation for change. Building relationships across many different cultures, is the key to building diverse communities that are capable of achieving significant goals. By interaction with one another we are bettering our understanding of our own cultural beliefs and how it affects others. Immersing oneself into cultural exchange allows one to learn about the societal forces that separate each group from each other. People from different economic, races and ethnic groups are usually isolated. In order for things to be different or achieve success one must take the active steps to make them different. Reaching out across cultures is one of the first major steps in embracing culture and bettering our own culture group. Economically globally countries depend on each other in many ways. The biggest way is shipping crops and good of which one country has a surplus of which another one may be lacking. No one country has the resources to sustain itself. The reason many countries go to war or are in disagreement is to obtain more resources to become self-sufficient. There are also situations in which two countries establish an equitable balance of trade, each enjoys the benefits of exporting goods at reasonable...
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