Global Crime Anaylsis

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Global Crime Analysis
Jacinta Ingram
University of Phoenix
Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice
Sheree D. Corniel
January 15, 2013

Global Crime Analysis
In this paper, I will be discussing the various major crimes and criminal issues that have a global impact on national and international justice systems and processes. Then I will be sure to compare and contrast how these major global crimes and criminal issues are addressed, and the various international criminal justice systems.

Here in the United States we have hundreds of individuals who enter illegally daily. These individuals bring with them drugs, firearms, contraband, and human trafficking of people, which hits the streets of the communities and businesses. These crimes are not a local problem they are an international issue also, which have become a worldwide threat. I will go over a few of the issues plaguing both countries. Human trafficking has been a big problem for many years; it got a lot of attention when Natalie Holloway was taken in Aruba along with another young lady a year later. It is not just here in the United States but international as well. There have been so many young children, women, and men of all ages taken from their homes only to be sold to the highest bidder for sex, labor and other things, like being a drug mule for the drug cartel. Over the years there has been as many as 18,000 people bought by human traffickers in the United States every year, then sold overseas just like there people are brought here from other countries like Korea, Russia and others. We know human trafficking is a moneymaker for all kinds of people, but we, as Americans need to try and keep this from happening to these innocent people every year. Sometimes America doesn’t know who is being sold, so the numbers I stated earlier do not even reflect the ones we do not know about that are sold into prostitution, or for labor, or even as housewives....

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