Global Competitiveness

Topics: Learning, Skill, Global Competitiveness Report Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: January 16, 2013
The relevance of the statement "Remind yourself...nobody is built like you, you have designed yourself. " in today's globally competitive environment where skills are changing and jobs are evolving is that a person; given a certain situation or a certain job, may be able to adapt easily and embrace the work or situation he is given and is able to make the most out of it. In this prospect, skills and jobs go hand in hand. When applying for a job, one does not go around looking for jobs that doesn't fit in with his skills. He looks and applies for a job that is well- suited and compatible with his skills. And with today's globally competitive environment, having the advantage of being able to learn many skills is a must.

As a student, learning the basics of computer programming and being able to hone my skills while doing so is an opportunity to challenge myself and see how far my limit goes. It is the same with other people. To be able to push one's own limits and learn different skills at a time is a huge advantage to others who only knows one or two. It makes for a flexible job opportunity because one will be able to find jobs more easily. It is up to an individual on how we make the most out of our given skills or abilities and if one is willing to go beyond borders to expand what he already knows to be able to learn something new.

While skills are changing, jobs are also evolving. Thus, it is almost a requirement to learn another skill even if one already knows one skill. It is because what current skill one has might not be useful in the next four years for the individual to find a well-paying job; as jobs are also not constant. With this in mind, an individual is already different in his own way. But he still has the option to step out of his comfort zone and aim high while grabbing opportunities to "design" himself.

In today's globally competitive environment where skills are constantly changing and jobs are always evolving, it is always a good thing...
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