Global Airport Retailing

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Global Airport Retailing 2007
Passenger growth and innovation driving exceptional market performance

Reference Code: DMVT0389 Publication Date: 04/07

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Table of Contents

Key Findings Main Conclusions


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Market Definition Market Size


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Market Size by Geographical Region Europe Dominates Global Airport Retailing Americas Follow but Less Buoyant Asia-Pacific Third Largest Region and Growing Fast Meteoric Growth in Middle East & Africa Duty-free and Duty-paid Specialists Sales Market Size by Product Group Market Drivers Growing Air Travel Greater Demand for Retail Investment in Airport Retailing High Traffic Locations Increasingly Captive Market Trend to Wants-driven Retail Demand Market Inhibitors

GLOBAL AIRPORT RETAILING 2007 © Datamonitor (Published 04/2007) This report is a licensed product and is not to be photocopied

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Table of Contents

Geopolitical Constrained Market Limitations on Retail Conversion Environmental Concern

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Economic Backdrop


42 42 43 43 43 44 44 44 45 46 47 48 49 49 49 49 50

Strong Underlying Global Economy… … But Uncertainty Remains Instability in Some Emerging Markets Polluter Taxes Political Backdrop Political Stability Prospect of Terrorism Raises Uncertainty and Fear Direct Issues Affecting Global Airport Retailing Proliferation of Air Travel Sustained Growth in Global Tourism Sustained Growth in Business Travel Rise of Low Cost Carriers An American Model – Highly Successful in Europe Dominated by Regional Travel but Now Connecting Continents Opportunity of Air Travel for Those Who Never Had It Highly Captive Market

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