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Topics: Igneous rock, Rock, Sedimentary rock Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: December 21, 2012
1. 1. Describe the Rock Cycle.  Be sure to include the different rock types and processes that occur within the cycle.  Consider a hypothetical granite (igneous rock) and describe three possible pathways through the cycle.

The rock cycle is a model which is telling people that the changes of the rocks that take place on the earth. The changes show how each type of rock is formed. These all changes make their own type of rock base on the weathering, heat or pressure, etc.…all the rock made of minerals which are chemical compounds, each with its own composition and physical properties. The gains or crystals may be microscopically small or easily seen with the unaided eye. The nature and appearance of a rock is strong influenced by the minerals that compose it. The rock cycle lets us to see many of the interrelationships among different parts of the earth system. There are 3 types of rock that igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. * Igneous rocks form when a molten rock, which is start from the bottom, it called magma, when magma cools and solidifies. This process is crystallization. * Sedimentary rocks that when the igneous rock are exposed at the surface, they will undergo weathering. The materials that move to downslope by gravity before picked up and transport by water, wind or waves. This is called sediment * If the sedimentary is converting into rocks. It is buried deep within earth and involved in the dynamics of mountains. After all reaction of pressures and heat. They will become metamorphic rock. * From igneous rocks –sediment-sedimentary rock-metamorphic rock * From igneous rocks – metamorphic rock by heat and pressure * From igneous rocks-metamorphic rock-sediment- sedimentary rock-metamorphic rock

2.List the five characteristics that define a mineral.  Based on the accepted definition of a mineral, describe why or why not the following materials might be called a mineral:  window glass, emerald, water, ice,...
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