Glenisk SWOT

Topics: Dairy product, Milk, Ice cream Pages: 4 (584 words) Published: October 10, 2013
By Raymond Traynor and Jamie Skelton

Company Background
Name: Glenisk
Industries served: Food Retail
Geographic areas served: Ireland
Headquarters: Killeigh, Co Offaly, Ireland
Current CEO: Vincent Cleary
Revenue: 18 Million euro
Profit: 0.2 Million Euro
Employees: 43 as off 2011
Main Competitors: The Little Milk Co and Avenmore
Main Organic Dairy seller in Ireland
Organic products are slightly more expensive than normal products. Family owned
They own 90% of the market therefore there is little room for growth Employs Irish farmers
Limited Market ie They can only sell dairy products
Products easily available in local markets

100% Irish owned

Products free of artificial colourings and preservatives

Awarded best managed company 2013

Excellent recycling strategies

They can extend to international markets.
Market leaders – no room for expansion
Growing kids range eg lunchbox snacks etc
Threatened by other companies undercutting them
Expansion into restaurant/hotel industry

Increase in Product range

Possibilities of stores opening eg ice cream/ frozen yoghurt shop

Strenghts :
Glenisk are the premiere Organic Dairy company in the republic of Ireland, they have a near monopoly. Glenisk is owned by the Cleary family, who are Irish. This associates the brand with being an “Irish family owned business”, therefore Irish citizens would want to support it as opposed to another foreign brand. “The difference is Cleary” Glenisk employs Irish farmers to produce dairy for the companies products. This gives local farmers jobs and a source of income. All the products are easily available in local supermarkets and are not hard to find like some expensive organic products. The products are healthy as they are organic, gluten free and are free of artificial colorings and preservatives. As of 2013, Glenisk was awarded the...
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