Glass Menagerie

Topics: The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams, Psychology Pages: 4 (595 words) Published: October 1, 2012
The Glass Menagerie

By Tennessee Williams

The Glass Menagerie is autobiographical in its beginning. In some ways, this is a coming of

age story, with both Tom Wingfield and Laura Wingfield negotiating their roles as young adults.

Like many coming of age stories, the major battles in this play are both internal and external.

The conflict between Tom and his mother at the dinner table starts off the play, which sets the

tone of the play because it got my attention and perception of the characters. I perceived that

Tom didn’t like the treatment he’s given by his mother, Laura was self-conscious about her limp,

and their mother wanted the best for them by controlling their decisions. The moment when their

mother questioned Laura about attending school was great because it shows how concerned and

involved their mother was in their lives. I like the authenticity of the situation because a

concerned and involved mother would go to their child’s school to check on the progress. The

anger after Laura’s mother found out that Laura stopped going to class for feeling ill during

a typing test felt natural rather than script.

The Glass Menagerie story focuses on Laura and her struggles to overcome being different

throughout the play. Laura’s overall performance was good because she looked nervous and shy

but still gave her all in her interactions with the other characters. I did not understand why Laura

made her limp a big problem because it eventually became a distraction to her performance. The

Glass Menagerie meant that life is as fragile as glass and that it is okay to be different. Life is

fragile as glass because Laura had a few cracks in her glass; she has a limp, no skills, and lack

of confidence. Once she realized that other people have cracks in their glasses, she began to feel

comfortable with herself and gain confidence. Laura realizes that being different is normal after

discovering her...
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