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Glass Ceiling Summary

Oct 08, 1999 573 Words
<center><b>Utilitarianism favors unequal treatment in the work place.</b></center> <br>
<br>CONTROLLING IDEA: Big corporations should be forced into applying affirmative action to equal out the male/female ratio in management positions. <br>
<br>MAJOR PART 1: We believe that big corporations should be forced into breaking the glass ceiling. Women are represented in the workplace by a mere margin of all management positions. <br>

<br>We believe that the corporations should apply affirmative action for a short period of time to have an equal playing field for women. Women are qualified but big corporations find it hard to hire women because of its untraditional method. That is why women should be forced into these jobs helping the majority in the end. Women bring many things that a man doesn't bring to the business world including another viewpoint. This alone would help company's compete better in the business world. <br>

<br>MAJOR POINT 2: Women today are now more than ever trying to make it in the traditional man's society. Women now are not what they were once known for, which is stay at home mothers. Women are competing for management positions but are limited to blue-collar jobs because of their gender. <br>

<br>These qualified women are being discriminated against because men believe the women will have to go on maternity leave, stay home for their children, and many other things that would decrease the likelihood of them being productive workers. <br>

<br>Women today, are more career based than ever before. Women are opting not to have kids and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of their careers. The number of single women has increased as well as the number of women on birth control. Women are ready now more than ever to hold management positions. <br>

<br>MAJOR POINT 3: Objection: some might say that women are treated fairly in the workplace. However, women are not paid as well as men in the same positions, and women only hold a small percentage of management positions. Why is this occurring? Management hiring is based on gender and not on qualifications. <br>

<br>REBUTTAL: Women are qualified for management positions. Shouldn't it be strictly based on qualifications and not gender? This can go against our argument but only skin deep. Women need the boost in employment because they are a whole stride behind men. These men already hold these positions and they are not willing to let them go. Affirmative action would make the qualified women be in the same stride as other qualified employee's (men). When men and women are equal in the business world that's when we start hiring strictly on qualifications. <br>

<br>What is happening in today's society is immoral and unjust. We believe that some higher force needs to step in and accelerate this process in breaking the glass wall and making as the constitution states equality and justice for all. <br>

<br>CONCLUSION: We do not advocate that unqualified women get jobs that they are unqualified for, we believe that women are just as qualified as men but they just need a boost to be on the same level as men. Our traditional thoughts and methods are changing in everyway in our society and this is a major topic that needs our attention. This will help the majority of our society.

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