Glass by: Ellen Hopkins Review Essay

Topics: English-language films, Novel, Drama Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: February 1, 2012
The book, Glass, by Ellen Hopkins, is a very interesting read for any reader who loves drama! The protagonist in Glass is a character named Kristina, and Kristina has some problems in her life. Between money problems, her new baby, Hunter, her parents’ divorce problems, and her weird and crazy alter ego, Bree, Kristina’s head is left spinning, and she’s looking for where to turn. On top of all that, she has decided to start again on a new drug, one that she’s used before, and the end results were anything but good. The character description in the novel is very detailed and character development is well-thought out and thorough. Hopkins really has created an amazing plotline with this. Kristina thinks that she needs to lose weight which is why she is drawn back to the monster, otherwise known as meth. I personally believe that, that was the wrong choice. After reading this book I realize even more how drugs can change a person, a person’s life and their friend’s lives. Kristina gets kicked out of the house and has her child taken away from her by her own parents because of this monster. The monster has caused nothing but trouble for her and her family. Meth has also caused her to rob her family and friends to pay for it not even to pay for housing but, to pay for more of this life damaging monster that she so deeply needs to have. Hopkins goes deep into every tiny detail of what drugs do to a perfect person’s life. Drugs can damage your life in an instant. I believe that once again Hopkins has explained further to me what life is like living on your own. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is unclear about what goes on in the outside world. This book is also great for people who need a giant reality check with their own life.
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