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Bangle Manufacturing NOCODE326

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Glass & Ceramic Division

MSME-DI 3rd CGO Complex sanjay place Agra

A. INTRODUCTION: Glass Bangles are products made out of block glass of different shades of colors or directly from batch material. These are sound in shape with pleasing colors and having designs over the surface. It is a customary for ladies to design wear bangles from their childhood for ornamental decoration and also as a symbol of sanctity. Glass bangles in also a sign of marital a status for ladies in India, especially in Northern and Eastern region. The trade names of the different size of the bangles are one Anna, Two four Anna, Tow – Six Anna, Two – Eight Anna and three Anna representing different diameters. The glass bangles are sold out with the above names for indication sizes.

B. MARKET : Glass bangles are the items of mass consumption throughout k the country. The demand for the glass bangles generally goes up during the festive seasons and special functions, marriage occasions etc. IN spite of competition from plastic and other bangles, the demand for glass bangles is even increasing in view of established characterized customary and auspicious status gained by it in the society. Having very much fragile in nature, the glass bangles have very good replacement demand. This type of industry is only concentrated are Firozabad manufacturing glass bangles using pot furnace. This type of industry may be set up in other pasts of the country also However, skilled labour, required for bangles coil of parison making may have to be brought from Firozabad. At these products have very good demand from ladies of lower and middle class families, there is good scope for setting up new kunits in this line of manufacture. C. BASIS AND PRESUMPTION: It has been taken into consideration that the unit will work one single shift basis for 300 day in a year. Only the furnace will run for

three shifts and accordingly 3 firemen have been arranged for operating the furnace consciously. The process of joining, liquid gold, silver and other types of decorations have not been incorporated in the profile as these can be got done from other cottage unit on piece rate basis. The industry involves the process of bangle coil making which require very high skilled worker and they work sometimes on hourly basis also. Hence, their wages have been kept very high as Rs. 8,000/- per month which is as per the Norms. It is presumed that in the first year the capacity utilization will be 65% increasing gradually in the subsequent years reaching to 85% in the 4th year kand expected to be maintained at this in the following years. Interest rate on fixed and working capital has been taken as 18% on an average. D. IMLEMENTATION SCHEDULE: 1. Survey for collection of data in respect of demand, raw material, available of skilled labour and technology etc. –o- 1st . 2. Preparation of project report -1- 2nd . 3. Provisional registration 2nd-3rd . 4. Selection of site 2nd – 3rd . 5. Arrangement of finance/loan. 6. Construction of Building & Workshad 3rd - 5th. 7. Construction of Furnace 5th – 7th. 8. Recruitment of staff & skill labour 7th – 8th. 9. Procurement of Raw material 8th – 9th. 10. Trial production 9th – 10th. 11. Actual production 11th onwards.

E. PROCESS OF MANUFACTURE: Process outline: The process of manufacture of glass bangles is highly skilled labour oriented one comprising of the following main operations: 1. Glass Melting 2. Parison Making 3. Bangle spiral / coil forming The glass batch materials like sand, soda ash, lime stone felsfar, borax etc with other additives and coloring materials in a suitable proportion are mixed thoroughly manually and fed into the pot places in pot

furnace. The raw material are melted in the furnace at a temperature of about 1300 – 1400 C to obtain molten glass. The...
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