Gladiator: Roman Empire and Marcus Aurelius

Topics: Marcus Aurelius, Roman Empire, Gladiator Pages: 3 (1208 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Mendez 1 Jose Mendez Mr. Hendrickson English 2 MYP, P.7 1 April 2013 Gladiator Essay Tragedy hits when least expected, and this is the moment when you see what type of person you are. In the Gladiator, a production made in 2000 and directed by Ridley Scott stars Russell Crowe, as Maximus. Maximus a general for the Roman army and is very close to the emperor Marcus Aurelius. Marcus Aurelius wants Maximus to succeed but Maximus refuses. Marcus Aurelius' son Commodus finds out that he was not chosen as successor and ends up murdering his father and seizes his throne. Then Maximus is sent to be killed but survives and becomes a slave. Then as a slave, he becomes a gladiator and he rises through the ranks of gladiator to avenge his murdered family and the murder of his emperor. Maximus fits the definition of a tragic hero in my opinion, because his own flaw causes his downfall; his actions result in an increase of self-awareness and self-knowledge, and the audience feels pity and fear for Maximus. Maximus has many good qualities but he has one flaw that causes his downfall. Maximus' good qualities are that he is a leader, strong, a skilled tactician, knowledgeable, motivating, loyal, trustworthy. He is also persistent, a good speaker, a good fighter, merciful, and honorable. He is a good leader because he has led the Roman army through many battles and fighting alongside of his soldiers, which makes them look up to him. He also is a skilled tactician because he is a general and has been through many battles and has designed strategies for them. He is very loyal, especially because he would never do something against the Roman state and Marcus Aurelius. He would do whatever is in the best interest for the Roman state. Also, he is very trustworthy, that is why Marcus Aurelius wanted him to be his successor when he died. Next, Maximus is persistent, he is persistent because he says that

Mendez 2 he will avenge his family and his emperor and he does this. He starts...

Cited: Crowe, Rusell, perf. Gladiator. Dir. Ridley Scott. 2000. DreamWorks Pictures, 2000. IMDb. Web. 1 Apr. 2013. .
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