GKE1 Task 3

After Columbus mistakenly discovered the Americas in 1492, European countries were soon setting out to establish themselves in this new world. Spain was first to establish itself in the new world, using their powerful military and their navy. The new colonies were completely dictated by the king of Spain, such one of his policies allowing colonists to use the native tribes for forced labor. France was the second major power to establish itself. Their main focus was fur trapping and fur trading. The French quickly learned to work with the Native Americans. The few French settlers, who did come to America, were focused on fur trapping and trading. Because of this, most French settlements were either military forts or trading posts. England was the last major European country to come to the Americas. Its first successful colony was Jamestown in 1607. England practiced granting charters to companies or individual wealthy proprietors to establish its new colonies. This caused the English colonies to vary greatly. The colonies in the Chesapeake Bay area focused more material profit and individualism, while colonies in the Massachusetts Bay are focused on religion and communalism. Many Native Americans lived and worked closely to their new European neighbors, but others soon rebelled against them. Spain would try to strip Pueblo Indians of their religious practices and beliefs. They would outlaw their indigenous dances and other rituals of the Pueblo religious culture. In the year 1690, under the leadership of Popé, the Pueblo Indians attacked a Spanish missionary killing as many as 400 Spanish settlers and driving them from their lands. Another instance of natives attacking the new European settlers was the Powhatan Uprising of 1622. The Powhatans attacked and raided settlements and plantations along the James River. This uprising claimed the lives of approximately 347 colonists and came perilously close to extinguishing England's most promising outpost in North...
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