Gke Task 2

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GKE Task 2
J. Dan Gibbs
Western Governors University

GKE Task 2
Significant Changes/World Leader
Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1943. He held many positions, he was a monk, a Catholic priest and a professor. Two of his most significant social accomplishments were the challenging of the Catholic doctrine of that time and the translation of the New Testament into German and incorporating his own doctrine.

During the time of Martin Luther the Catholic Church was teaching that one’s sins could be forgiven and punishment from God avoided by purchasing forgiveness. This was very unpopular with the Catholic leaders and they demanded he change his beliefs on this subject. When he refused to recant his beliefs he was excommunicated by Pope Leo X and declared an outlaw by the emperor. He wrote the Ninety Five Thesis to the leaders of the Catholic Church protesting the sale of indulgences. It was his belief that salvation was a free gift given by God to anyone who believed and asked for salvation and would repent of their sins. His position was salvation could not be bought nor sins forgiven through payment to the Catholic Church. This teaching is alive in the world today and is referred to as Lutheranism.

In 1522 Luther published the New Testament translated into German with his own doctrine included in the translation. He completed the Old Testament in 1934 again in German with his own doctrine included. This publication gave credibility to his own doctrine and was widely popular throughout Germany. His translation also advanced the German language and literacy. His biblical translation is credited by some to be responsible for modern German language. His translation set the stage for the translation into many other languages and versions, including the popular King James Version. These two events are Martin Luther’s most significant accomplishments that caused changes in the world. He challenged the largest religion in the world...

References: Maier, Paul (2004) Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World
Finkelman, Paul Kennon, Donald R. (2008) Congress and the Emergence of Sectionalism : From the Missouri Compromise to the Age of Jackson
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