Giving a Winning Speech

Topics: Public speaking, Public speaker, Speaking fee Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Giving a Winning Speech
By Janet Angel
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To give the best speech ever and win the heartfelt applause you deserve remember these rules: First of all only speak about subjects that you have great knowledge about, that you have a passion for, or have a personal experience to relay. If you don't know the subject matter like the back of your hand, it isn't going to be exciting, nor will it be successful. You want the audience to feel your passion, to know your expertise. You do not want them to see you stumble and fumble for words. As easy as it may be to memorize a speech, it doesn't work well. A speaker who memorizes an entire speech is going to be acting. The audience will be able to detect a speaker who is an actor, or someone pretending to know the subject matter. But, a speaker who talks from personal experience, who knows his or her subject matter intimately can send an audience in to whales of laughter and deafening applause and whistles. So rule number one is: Become an expert at the subject matter. Practicing your speech is not the same as pure memorization. Memorizing the main points of your talk is important. You don't want to be empty minded as you complete one important thought and proceed to the next. DO memorize the major components of your speech. If you actually had a funny experience that you wish to share, something that coincides with the purpose of your speech, by all means use it! The main parts to a speech are as follows: Grabbing opening statement. Short humorous story. Body of the Speech. Humorous Story and Final Thoughts with Conclusion. The major components of giving a successful speech are as follows: Speak...
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