Giving Thanks

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Giving Thanks to my spiritual parents

Today I would like to pay a tribute to Laura and Richard. They had a major part in helping me become who I am today. Laura who is like a mother to me, taught me to care and love in a remarkable way. Richard a father with sensitivity for understanding to people’s needs taught me that there are people out there that care. The laughter and tears we shared was a lesson learned at the beginning as well as the end.

I grew up in a family with no spiritual values and no beliefs. My family did and said whatever we wanted. No one ever took time to show us what was right from wrong. It wasn't until I meet Richard and Laura that I found a life of happiness and excitement in a spiritual life. Laura and Richard took me into their family with no questions asked. With lots of work and preparation they had dedicated themselves to me. While standing solid on their beliefs they became my parents and my helper, helping me mold myself into child of God.

The two of them poured out lots of hidden treasure for me and my family high and low, above and beyond the measure showing nothing but selfless acts; despite the pressure they stood solid on my side. Bring smiles to my face every time they showed me how to use my manners, and giving me guidance that filled my empty life with the spiritual world, they were and still are my Guidance through life. When things are bad I just remember what was taught to me by them. Although I might tend to not practice it at times I can hear the whisper “I taught you better then that”.

From the sounds of the heavens they told me what to expect. Even when they sometimes were things I did not want to hear. They taught me well on what was right and what was wrong they were and still are the artist God sent to me in disguise, and this is why I’ll always keep them close at heart.

It is time for me to give my thanks for all they have done if it wasn't for the Inspiration they showed me I probably would not...
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