Give a Boy a Gun: Analysis

Topics: High school, Best Friends, Abuse / Pages: 5 (1082 words) / Published: Mar 5th, 2013
The Book I read was Give a Boy a Gun written by Todd Strasser.

The characters or key individuals in the story are:
• Character: Brendan Lawlor
Brendan Lawlor is a teenager in high school who gets harassed every day and feels as if everyone is against him. He met Gary, when he moved to Middletown, and became close friends with him. Brendan didn’t want to be popular or bullied—just left alone. Unfortunately, he got made fun of for everything about him. Eventually Brendan and Gary came to the establishment that they didn’t have anything to live for and that their lives were useless except for showing the world what happens when you bully kids. However, Gary wasn’t in complete agreement with the plan at first, but Brendan pushed him and broke him down by reminding him of the hurt he’s suffered—Gary was ready to go through with it, “Just remember every time Sam Flach rammed you into a locker, every time Paul Burns called you out. Don’t you want to get them back?” (Strasser 81). Their plan was to leave the world and take everyone who made their lives horrible with them.
• Character: Gary Searle
Gary Searle moved to Middletown when he was little, and was pretty much a normal kid. His best friend was Ryan Clancy. They were the typical best friends—until Brendan came along. Gary was the type of kid that if something bad happened to him, he'd give up. When Gary's parents divorced, he became depressed. Besides having trouble at home, Brendan and Gary were the kids in school who got made fun of all the time; people made them feel like shit. They would just take it and then vent to each other when they were alone. They'd talk about how much easier it would if they killed everyone who bullied them or they did not even exist. They want to show the world they can’t mess with kids like him anymore to help kids like him, "If I go this way taking the people who made my life miserable with me, then maybe it will send a message. Maybe something will change, and some other

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